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"We mature with the damage, not with the years."
Mateus William
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"If nothing we do matters, then all that matters is what we do."
Angel, S2E16 Epiphany
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"Sunshine all the time makes a desert."
Arab proverb
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"For these beings, fall is the ever normal season, the only weather, there be no choice beyond. Where do they come from? The dust. Where do they go? The grave. Does blood stir their veins? No: the night wind. What ticks in their head? The worm. What speaks from their mouth? The toad. What sees from their eye? The snake. What hears with their ear? The abyss between the stars. They sift the human storm for souls, eat flesh of reason, fill tombs with sinners. They frenzy forth. In gusts they beetle-scurry, creep, thread, filter, motion, make all moons sullen, and surely cloud all clear-run waters. The spider-web hears them, trembles - breaks. Such are the autumn people. Beware of them."
Ray Bradbury, Something Wicked This Way Comes 
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"Steams like black clouds, and the groves of trees, growing out over their lake are all covered, with frozen spray, and wind down snakelike, roots that reach as far as the water, and help keep it dark. At night that lake burns like a torch. No one knows its bottom, no wisdom reaches such depths."
Excerpt from Beowulf, the oldest surviving epic poem of Old English
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"There’s a responsibility in being a person. It’s more than just taking up space where air would be."
John Steinbeck 
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"I have my mother’s mouth and my father’s eyes; on my face, they are still together."
Warsan Shire
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"There are too many of us and we are all too far apart."
Kurt Vonnegut
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"He danced on the knife’s edge between awareness and sleep. When he dreamt like this, he was a king. The world was his to bend. His to burn."
Maggie Stiefvater, The Dream Thieves
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"I ruled a smoking, wrecked kingdom with a hard and deadly hand. It was dark and gory. No one liked living there, not even its king. It had a soundtrack. All screams."
John Darnielle, Wolf in White Van
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